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PSHE staff

Mr I Noble, Head of Personal Development and Wellbeing
Ms K Forrester
Ms S Richards


“Wellness is the compete integration of body, mind, and spirit – the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.”

– Greg Anderson

Key Stage 3

Students receive one PSHE lesson every two weeks as part of the schools RE provision. The course is divided into modules and the content of these is outlined below.


Year 7 topics

New beginnings – transition issues, friendships, personal hygiene, puberty and the menstrual cycle

Well-being – building resilience, recognising emotions and dealing with emotions

Celebrating difference – Islamophobia, sexism and issues surrounding Transgender

Social Media – cyberbullying and digital tattoos

Cycle safety


Year 8 topics

Well-being – building resilience, recognising emotions and dealing with emotions

Sex and Relationships – an introduction to body image and what makes an appropriate teenage relationship?

Drugs – alcohol and smoking

Celebrating difference – Islamophobia, Sexism and issues surrounding Transgender

Careers – starting a careers journey, identifying personal skills and building skills


Year 9 topics

Using social media – cyberbullying, the effect of a digital tattoo and the problem with selfies

Careers – Twenty-first Century skills, the importance of enterprise, goal setting and problem solving, choosing your GCSE options

Sex and Relationships – Contraception, STI’s, abuse within relationships and consent

Drugs – Why are drugs dangerous and New Psychoactive Substances (legal highs)


Key Stage Four

Students receive one Personal Development lesson each week in Y10 and one per fortnight in Y11. Half of these lessons deliver statutory RE and the other half deliver the students PSHE entitlement.

Year 10 topics

Sex and Relationships – rape/consent and the use of pornography

Drugs – Cannabis

Careers – Preparation for work experience, understanding financial capability, awareness of business and industry, preparation for mock interviews and employability skills

Wellbeing – the importance of sleep

Local issues – County Lines and knife crime


Year 11 topics


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