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Rob Wherrett

Management Consultant

2023 > April > 25 > Rob Wherrett

Management Consultant

Name: Rob Wherrett

Profession: Management Consultant

Attended Nunthorpe: 1964-1971

Post 16 attended: Nunthorpe GS 6th Form

University or college? University of St Andrews

Favourite subject at school: General Studies; Zoology

What I thought I wanted to do: Medicine but changed course to Life Sciences.

What I ended up doing: Management Consulting and Executive Leadership Coaching

How I got here: Accountancy (hated it), Video Games industry (management), Financial Services – ended up as Head of Marketing for a Life Assurance company and then, following redundancy, went into consulting and business project management and never looked back. Taught with the Open University MBA program for 16 years part-time. Fellow of the ILM; Certified Management Consultant; Member of: Institute of Consulting; Association for Coaching; Institute of Directors. Former panel adviser to the DTI on pensions and immigration matters. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Most useful skill or character trait for my job: Having a very broad business background and an MBA focused on Creativity, Innovation & Change.

Top tip! Do some psychometrics on yourself to better understand what makes you tick and where you might best fit or what kind of industry/role is right for you. Don’t assume based on your own understanding – be inquiring. The only person you fool by cheating on the answers is yourself.

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