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We realise the importance of providing support and acceptance to all young people and believe that through education we can promote a culture that celebrates difference.

Millthorpe is a school of tolerance – understanding, respect and equality are at the heart of our school ethos. Our school rights clearly state this:

  • We respect all members of school and our community.
  • We will treat all people with equity and seek equal opportunities for all.
  • We are an inclusive school and are tolerant of different views and cultures.
  • We value difference and we are open-minded about other ways of being and living.

We want to ensure school is a place without fear of discrimination and bullying for all our students. We want all students to have an understanding and awareness of LGBT issues and as part of this we have already developed strong links to the York LGBT community and are continuing our work to becoming a Silver Stonewall Champion School.

One 4 all

The One 4 all project has been established to offer awareness, support and advice in regard to LGBT issues within school.

The group meets once a fortnight and is open to all students, not just those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender or are questioning their sexuality. Some students may wish to attend to support friends or to ask questions about how to support friends or family members. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss various topics surrounding LGBT, as well as other issues of intolerance such as racism and sexism.

Drop in sessions run every other week offering students access to discreet advice and support on LGBT topics. The dates, times and locations are advertised on the LGBT notice board which is in the Main Hall corridor outside B5. This also features information on where and how support is available to students in and out of school and gives details on upcoming events for the Millthorpe LGBT community. There are various advice leaflets covering a range of topics that are free for students to take.

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