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Exam Access Arrangements

Exam Access Arrangements

Exam Access Arrangements (AA) are the reasonable adjustments that can be made for an exam candidate.

Exam arrangements can only be granted if they are a candidate’s ‘normal way of working’ and the candidate has a history of need.

The SENDCo must be satisfied that the need is genuine, and those eligible might include pupils with learning, communication and interaction needs; a medical condition; and sensory, physical, social or mental and emotional needs.

Access Arrangements should neither advantage those with them or disadvantage those without them, all students should have equal access to exams.

Not every student who is entitled to Access Arrangements (AA) has a Special Educational Need.

We assess all our students if they qualify for AA in Year 10 and inform parents of the outcome. If you believe your child is entitled to AA, please contact Mrs Norman, the school’s SENDCO to discuss.

For further information please visit: JCQ Access Arrangements.

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