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SENECA - information for families

SENECA logoAs a parent/carer of a child at Millthorpe School, you can create an account on Seneca Learning in order to see how much revision your child has been completing using this platform.

What is Seneca?

Seneca is an online learning platform that has high-quality courses for many subjects at Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level.

Your child will be able to log into Seneca on a phone, tablet or computer and study their school subjects.

Students should use Seneca little and often throughout the year rather than using it to cram in the weeks before their assessments – it is a great way to support the Homework set by teachers. Sometimes, our staff might even set students Homework using this platform.

All student accounts have been set up with their school email addresses.

If your child has forgotten their password, they can simply click the ‘forgotten my password’ button on the website and a link will be sent to their school email account so that they can reset their password.

We have links to creating a parent account and connecting to your child’s account to support you.

We hope you find this platform useful in supporting your child with their revision and independent study at home.

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