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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Every student at Millthorpe has the potential to be a leader. Every student at Millthorpe shapes their own school experience.

Millthorpe’s Student Leadership Programme encourages our students to realise their potential by offering the opportunities to develop and hone the skills utilised by outstanding leaders, such as independence, self-confidence, perseverance, communication, and organisation. These skills are a huge part of the Going for Gold learning conduct at Millthorpe and are vital at school, in the workplace and in further education.

The programme encourages, recognises and celebrates our student’s achievements, allowing our students to take ownership by investing and participating in their school.

There are many ways for students to become involved in Student Leadership. Students can consider roles as Students Leaders, School Councillors and Form Representatives, Peer Mentors, Mental Health Champions, Sports Leaders, Student Librarians (LAUGH) and Paired Readers. To find out more click on the tabs above.

Student Leadership at Millthorpe is supportive and inclusive. Every student has the potential to be a leader.

Take a look at the tabs below to find out how to get involved!

Further information

Please contact Mr Black or Mr Sloan by emailing:

Student Leaders

Form Reps

Mental Health Champions

Sports Leaders


Applications are now open!

Our Student Leaders are students who we can help develop as leaders at Millthorpe. This role allows them to take on extra responsibility, to be role models to the student body and be ambassadors for the school.

As part of small groups, our Student Leaders run projects which help to improve the student experience. They are involved in a number of school events including Induction Evening, Induction Day, Open Evening and our annual Awards Ceremony. They are also involved in staff recruitment.

Be an ambassador

Form Representatives work closely with the Student Leadership team to be ambassadors for the school, demonstrate positive behaviours and are role models for all students by undertaking a role of responsibility. They are the voice for their form. They also have the opportunity to manage, organise and implement projects that shape their own school experience and that of their peers.

Improving wellbeing

Mental Health Champions are young people within school that have been recruited and trained to support other students to improve their wellbeing through developing and learning skills for healthy minds. The MHCs run youth led mental health initiatives and campaigns, with the aim to improve awareness and signposting to mental health as well as leading self-help approaches through sharing tools for healthy minds.

Get involved with sport across the city

Each September, Year 8 and 9 students are invited to be involved in a city wide Sports Leadership Programme. This includes a training day and involvement in running and officiating in a range of sporting festivals across the city for primary school students.

Student Librarians

The Student Librarians play a vital role in enabling the library to run smoothly and effectively, especially at break and lunch time. Student Librarians are selected from students who regularly use the library, and/or who love books and reading, who have expressed an interest in joining us.

The Student Librarians gain training, and can develop strong friendship bonds with each other and other library users, and despite the vital importance of their role, we also want to see them having fun. They are seen as members of staff and their ideas and concerns are treated accordingly.

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