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Eco Laundry

Millthorpe School Eco Laundry

The Eco Laundry will provide a system through which you can buy, swap or donate items of school uniform, so it will not only be kind to your pocket, but kind to the environment too.

You can use our Eco Laundry to buy, swap or donate items of school uniform as a way of protecting the environment and of keeping uniform costs down for everyone. At a time when many people’s family budgets are being squeezed and we are all trying to reduce the negative impact of our daily lives on the environment, we are keen to collect as much uniform as we can so that everyone is able to buy good quality pre-worn uniform at a very low cost.

Since the Eco Laundry began, they have sold over 260 items of school uniform with the school logo alone, saving families nearly £4,500. They have also sold many more items including shirts, footwear, PE tops, shorts and bags. This has been a huge benefit to so many families, but is also great for the environment to see so much preloved uniform reused.

Donations can be left at the school office anytime school is open.

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