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Curriculum subject reading lists

Curriculum subject reading lists

Reading has many educational benefits and reading around a school curriculum subject even more so. With this in mind, our departments have created further reading lists for each subject. The lists are organised around progression from Year 6 to Year 12, to include the transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3, and to prepare and excite students moving on to A Levels and Further Education.

Take a look at the reading lists here:

Reading list by subject

Reading lists for ALL year groups

YEAR 6 Subject Reading List

YEAR 7 Subject Reading List

YEAR 8 Subject Reading List

YEAR 9 Subject Reading List

YEAR 10 Subject Reading List

YEAR 11 Subject Reading List

YEAR 12 Subject Reading List

Focusing on year groups also helps students progress in both their reading skills and subject knowledge as they move through Millthorpe School. Further reading is an integral part of becoming a lifelong learner and a great habit to develop while young.

All the books on the list are available in the library and are displayed and labelled in the cabinets just inside the entrance to the library.

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