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Starting school in September

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Millthorpe!

Your first day

Year 7 pupils will start at Millthorpe on Tuesday 3 September. You will have the whole day with only the Year 11 Student Leaders (who you met on your Transition Day) so that you can familiarise yourselves before everyone else returns to school on Wednesday 4 September.

You will spend most of the first morning with your form tutor, who you will meet on the Transition Day in July, and they will give you your planner and timetable. You will begin to get to know other students in your form and have lots of opportunity to ask any questions.

Before your first day, you will hopefully have had the chance to visit us and should also have received lots of useful information:

Primary school visits

We try to visit all our potential students at their primary school during their time in Year 6, so that you could meet us, and we can share key information with you. This way, you will recognise some friendly faces when you arrive at school and will have all the information you need.

Transition events

We are holding:

Transition  Evening on Monday 1 July for those joining us in Year 7 in September 2024. Students and their families are all welcome.

Transition Day on Wednesday 3 July, where you will come in to school for a day and do lots of taster sessions and see what it is like to be a Millthorpian.

Form groups

This year, there will be seven forms in Year 7. Each form will have approximately 30 students in them from a variety of different primary schools.

Your form will stay the same throughout the whole five years at Millthorpe. You will see the people in your form every day for the first 30 minutes of school.

Form tutors

Your new form will be looked after by a form tutor, a teacher in school who will look after you and offer guidance and support every day. 

You will see your form tutor with the rest of your form every morning from 8.45am to 9.15am. They will do the register, pass on any messages, check your uniform and equipment and make sure you have everything that you need for the day. In effect they will ensure you are READY to learn. Your form tutor will get to know you really well, a bit like your Year 6 teacher does. They will look after you, make sure everything is okay and ensure that you have a positive start to each school day.

Your parents or carers will be able to contact them if they need to and they will be the teacher in school that you can go to if you need any help, support, or advice. Your form will be 7 (for Year 7) and then the three initials of your form tutor eg 7HBO.

You will also be looked after by Millthorpe’s Pastoral Team – we will share more information about who they are and how they will support you when we come to visit you.

Moving to Millthorpe

Don’t forget to have a look at our Transition Guide: Moving to Millthorpe – it’s full of useful information!

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