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School site security

School site security

We keep the school safe and secure by:

  • Site access – the school has two main entrances, which are both pedestrian and vehicle access. Both gates are open daily at the start and at the end of the school day. At other times staff can access the school site by using the key code. All other visitors must be pre booked in and buzz at the gate for access. All visitors must sign into the main school reception.
  • CCTV – we have CCTV in school and all parents and students have been informed.
  • After visitors have signed in at main reception, they will be issued with a lanyard. Adults who have provided a valid DBS will be allowed to move around the school unsupervised. Other staff will be escorted everywhere.
  • All staff and students have been trained on what to do should they see someone in school who is not wearing the appropriate lanyard. Further details on the above can be provided when visiting our school.


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