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Felix Mason

Secure Communications Architect

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Secure Communications Architect

Name: Felix Mason

Profession: Secure Communications Architect

Primary school: Dringhouses Primary School

Attended Millthorpe/Nunthorpe: Millthorpe 1985 – 1989

Post 16 attended:Harrogate College

University or college? N/A

Favourite subject at school:Music and Computer Studies

What I thought I wanted to do:I wanted to be a professional musician

What I ended up doing: I moved into IT in 1999 more by chance than anything else, however I ended up working in some of the world’s biggest banks (Citigroup / RBS / UBS etc) and more recently moved into working cross Government as a secure communications architect. I have designed and delivered the primary secure method of inter-department communications used by most of the major Government departments (including No 10 / the MOD / the Cabinet Office etc).

I now work as a freelance consultant – and have recently spoken for industry paper – The Register (

How I got here: My first job in IT was working for a cable television station, learning on the job. I transitioned over the years to larger and more complex engagements.

Most useful skill or character trait for my job: The ability to think critically and identify opportunities for design improvements.

Top tip! I was not a quick learner at school, and didn’t get many GCSEs – be confident in yourself and read lots! – think critically.

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