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Peter George

Packaging Advisor

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Packaging Advisor

Name: Peter George

Profession: Packaging Advisor

Primary school: English Martyrs, York (1977 – 1984)

Attended Millthorpe/Nunthorpe: Nunthorpe 1984 – 1985 / Millthorpe 1985 – 1989

Post 16 attended University or college? York College of Arts & Technology 1989 – 1991

Favourite subject at school: Home Economics

What I thought I wanted to do: Produce food in some way, shape or form.

What I ended up doing:Packaging food

How I got here: Started developing new chocolates at Terry’s chocolate factory, moved into the packing of food and then began to oversee all aspects of supply and control of packaging materials.

Most useful skill or character trait for my job: Knowing all the different packaging items and usage so anomalies can be picked up on and investigated.

Top tip! Starting every new job is scary, there is an element of the unknown – embrace this and see it as part of your natural, ongoing development.

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