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John Bean

Police Licensing Officer

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Police Licensing Officer
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Name: David John Bean

Profession: Police Licensing Officer

Primary school: Carr Lane (Primary and Junior)

Attended Millthorpe/Nunthorpe: Nunthorpe, 1970 – 1977

University or college? Dundee University, 1977 – 1981

Favourite subject at school: History (taught by Mike Park and Geoff Stewart)

What I thought I wanted to do: In 1977, I was undecided and as such studied a Master of Arts degree at University which was less specialised in scope to the Law degree I had considered.

What I ended up doing: Worked for the Halifax Building Society and Bank for 16 years and currently in my 23rd year for the Police

How I got here: With my current job, a postcard advertisement in the local job centre. (No computers in the early 2000s!)

Most useful skill or character trait for my job: Being able to communicate with people and provide very good ‘customer’ service

Top tip! Never give up on your hopes (back in 1981 I wanted to join the Police but did not fit height criteria then) as life will take you to many places and provide many experiences which you should remember for the future.

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