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Grassroots trial

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Grassroots trial

Millthorpe has agreed to take part in a trial, led by researchers from University College, London to test the effectiveness of a student intervention approach known as Grassroots, which has shown promising results in trials in the USA. As part of the evaluation, all students in Years 7-9 are asked to complete a survey about their school experience (including bullying) during September. They will then complete the same survey in summer 2024.

Around 100 schools are taking part in the trial; as it is a randomised controlled trial, schools will be randomly selected either to receive the intervention or not. This will help researchers understand whether Grassroots works or not. Students in all of the schools will complete the surveys. If a school is selected to receive the intervention, further details will be provided about what this involves. Full details can be found in the attached letter.

As part of the research, the school will share data about the students completing the survey, including name, date of birth, tutor group, sex, free school meal eligibility and ethnicity. At this stage, we only need to hear from parents if they are not willing for the school to share this data about their child/ren – please complete this form. If you are happy for this information to be shared, you do not need to do anything.

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