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PE Update – 9 December 2022

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Dear parent/carer

As we are about to come to the end of our first full term, I thought that it would be an opportune time to write to you with some information in relation to physical education at Millthorpe School.

Dressing for the occasion

Moving into the colder months can I remind you that it is absolutely fine for students to wear their plain blue or black joggers, thermal layers/additional layers and hats/gloves when participating. These layers should complement the students normal PE kits.  Our programme will continue to run as scheduled with some groups outside and we want the students to be warm enough that their PE experience is as positive as possible regardless of the inclement weather. Of course, we will always assess whether the conditions are inappropriate for a positive learning experience and adapt accordingly when required.

Participation in PE

Whilst we understand that there will be some students who find certain aspects of PE challenging, we would remind all students that participating in PE lessons has numerous physical, social and emotional benefits and is an integral part of the school’s curriculum. All students should follow a programme of Physical Education. Our faculty ethos of ‘Pushing our performers out of their comfort zones to empower them to realise their potential, grow self-esteem, inspire a love of performance and sporting achievement and secure future well-being’ is at the heart of our teaching and sport provision.

The lessons we deliver are always devised to accommodate all abilities and fitness levels. We ask our students to always try and be ‘the best they can be’ in all aspects of our curriculum and that they engage with the learning so they can improve their confidence in performance, their overall enjoyment and ultimately their well-being.

If your child is unable to fully participate, they should still bring and change into their PE kit even if they have a minor injury, that way students can still remain a part of the lesson. This is our expectation of all students in all lessons. For example, they can take on the role of an official/umpire/referee or as a helper/assistant within the lesson. The PE experience is not just about developing their physical abilities but involves developing intellectually and being active in PE is not just about doing the sports we are delivering. Our dedicated team of PE staff can suitably adapt the lesson for individuals so as not to aggravate any minor injury further. We politely request that you provide a note outlining the minor injury and staff can then alter the activity or venue that the student will be in, in order to meet individual needs. We are also mindful of students that may be recovering form an illness which has kept them off school. Our expectations for this scenario are for students to still get changed and participate in some capacity. We will certainly be very mindful of the student’s well-being and have very considered expectations on the students’ ability to perform whilst still not feeling 100%. Clearly there will be some mitigating circumstances to this rule where more serious injuries have been sustained e.g. fractures or where getting changed is physically impossible due to plaster casts etc. If this scenario presents itself then a pre-emptive email and/or note to either your child’s PE teacher, Head of Year or myself will be answered with a plan of action detailing our expectations and next steps.

Spare PE clothing and footwear

To ensure that students are able to participate we have a store of spare PE clothing available to help out with those students that may have forgotten a part of their kit, and on rare occasions their full PE kit. Our goal of 100% participation in all lessons will always mean that students will be provided with a clean PE kit to wear so that they can take part in the lessons. We expect students to put this PE kit on so that they can engage with our subject.

Period 5 PE and leaving school in their PE kit

Having listened to our students we have decided that after Christmas those students that have a PE lesson period 5 will be allowed to go home wearing their PE kit and do not need to get changed back into their full uniform. We just ask that students are careful not to leave any of their uniform in the changing rooms, and if they leave school in their indoor trainers that these are suitably clean for their next PE lesson.

Once again, thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Yours faithfully

Mr Boothman
Subject Leader Teacher for PE

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