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Anthony Crawshaw

Software Development/ Product Manager

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Software Development/ Product Manager

Name: Anthony Crawshaw

Profession: Software Development/Product Manager

Primary school: Scarcroft Primary School

Attended Millthorpe/Nunthorpe: 1984-1990

Post-16 attended: York Sixth Form College

University or college? Sheffield Hallam University

Favourite subject at school: Science

What I thought I wanted to do: As a teenager I joined the Air Cadets, as I thought I might join the RAF.

What I ended up doing: I have ended up working for a global scientific company that makes everything from test tubes to Electron Scanning Microscopes. I work within a team responsible for a software application that is used in laboratories to test anything from water quality, to the next ground breaking pharmaceutical drug.

How I got here: After graduating from university with a Chemistry degree, I worked in several laboratories testing pharmacuticals. I used a software application called Chromeleon to perform some of the tests and got to know many of the software developers. After several years, a sales role became available which I sucessfully applied for. I have since developed my knowledge within the company and migrated from chemistry skills to IT skills. I started my current role as a Product Manager (for Chromeleon) in September 2023.

Most useful skill or character trait for my job: Listening and communication. I listen to our customers and share the information with our developers who implement those ideas into the product.

Top tip! Make connections and have a good professional network. Many of these people can really help you out when you are looking for that next career move.

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