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BBC Look North statement – 18 January 2024

2024 > January > 19 > BBC Look North statement – 18 January 2024
Statement in response to BBC Look North media enquiry – 18 January 2024

Gemma Greenhalgh, Headteacher at  Millthorpe School said: “Here at Millthorpe, we have a dedicated and exceptionally skilled team of staff who are committed to providing a high quality education to all our students with a diverse range of needs. We are proud of our provision and from recent feedback we know that the vast majority of Millthorpe families are too, with 98% of parents saying they would recommend our school to another family. In the six and a half years I’ve been here, I’ve seen the school go from strength to strength and can honestly say it has never been as friendly, calm and purposeful a place to learn and work as it is now.

“We always welcome feedback from families and we’ve invited all parents/carers of children with SEN to open evenings and drop-in sessions over the last year, where the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s hard to respond to comments where there is so little specific information and the people involved choose to remain anonymous and share their concerns via the media and social media. We always encourage anyone with any concerns or worries to contact us. I can confirm that all correspondence is responded to in a timely manner and we have no open complaints of any nature. These claims simply do not reflect our warm and inclusive community that is built on relationships of mutual respect and kindness.

“Our SEND department and TAs are exceptional and work hard to provide the very best for our children and we are saddened that a small number of unrepresentative voices are having such a negative impact on our dedicated staff, as well as our students and their families. We want everyone to be able to focus on our shared aim to enable every student to be the best that they can be, both personally and academically.”

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