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Temporary change to school day timings

2024 > April > 16 > Temporary change to school day timings

From Monday 29 April we will be making some small changes to the school day timings to cater for the Year 11 exams which require longer afternoon sessions.

The new school day timings are as follows:

8.45-9.15am: Registration
9.15-10.15am: Period 1
10.15-11.15am: Period 2
11.15-11.30am: Break
11.30am-12.30pm: Period 3
12.30-1.15pm: Lunch
1.15-2.15pm: Period 4

2.15-3.15pm: Period 5

Once exams are completed, we will let students and families know when the school day timings will return to normal.

16 April 2024

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