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Design Technology

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Design Technology staff

Mr R Cooper, Head of Faculty
Mrs S Price, Subject Lead – 3D Design, Graphic & Textiles
Mr G Dunn, Subject Lead – Food Prep & Nutrition and D&T
Ms L Braid
Mrs F Frankland
Ms S Scott

Design Technology

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

– Steve Jobs

Curriculum intent

“We are born makers. We move what we’re learning from our Heads, to our Hearts, through our Hands”. Our Head, Heart, Hands curriculum guides pupils to develop attitudes of curiosity, enquiry, initiative, ingenuity and resourcefulness. Pupils will have developed these attitudes through being challenged to solve problems, work independently and by being creative. We believe that these skills are fundamental to our pupils succeeding in the ever-changing workplace.

We believe that our curriculum reflects diversity in modern Britain. Pupils investigate international designers and design movements to broaden their understanding of cultures and traditions around the world.

We believe that all pupils, regardless of gender, race, class and ethnicity can access and enjoy the varied and diverse curriculum we offer at Millthorpe School.

What does progress through Key Stage 3 look like for a student in Design & Technology?

Pupils join Millthorpe School in Year 7 with a wide range of experiences of Design & Technology in KS2. Right from the start of KS3, we use sample marking and deliberate delivery to address common misconceptions and build key skills.

At KS3, pupils study the Design & Technology National Curriculum via 3 1yr overarching projects. These project themes run for the entirety of Year 7, 8 & 9 and are centred in the important, relevant themes of the National Curriculum; Sustainable Future, Culture & Emerging Technologies. Our range of subject specialists move to different classes to offer greater expertise across the range of disciplines we offer. (Product Design, Graphics, Textiles, Food) Pupils spend approximately nine weeks of their overarching projects on each discipline and receive 3 hours of teaching over a fortnight. This results in approximately 60hr per year. This gives pupils sufficient time to experience a rich, varied curriculum and make informed choices during their Y9 Options process.

The projects that we deliver in KS3 are continually evaluated and developed to ensure that they include sufficient challenge and offer exciting learning experiences for our pupils. The department uses its considerable teaching experience to ensure that the KS3 curriculum builds towards success and inspiration at KS4. We also believe that many of the skills we teach – understanding materials, processes, drawing skills, measuring, presentation skills, problem solving skills etc, go beyond the remit of KS4.

What do students learn in Year 7?

The theme for each Design & Technology subject area in Year 7 is ‘sustainability’ based around a design brief using Dalby Forest as a client. Our Food specialist teaches about the importance of a balanced diet and how we can cook and eat healthily and sustainably. We believe that good food choices keep us strong, healthy and can benefit the environment. In Graphics, Textiles and Product Design we design and manufacture a range of products with sustainability in mind. We explore how designers can reduce any environmental impact by selecting the right materials, processes and techniques when manufacturing products.   

What do students learn in Year 8?

The theme of Design & Technology in Year 8 is ‘cultures’ with the client being a local shop, Shared Earth. Our Food specialist helps pupils gain knowledge about foods from different cultures across the world and how different cultures influence what we eat. We believe that it is important for pupils to experience food from other cultures as it opens our minds to the exciting world of foods and encourages greater understanding. Through the disciplines of Graphics, Textiles and Product Design we design and manufacture a range of products inspired by different cultures. We believe that it is important to study the work of designers from around the world as it leads to exciting ideas and challenges the way we work.

What do students learn in Year 9?

The theme of Design & Technology in Year 9 is ‘emerging technologies’ with the client being York University. Our Food specialist helps pupils learn about the functions of ingredients in recipes and how the science of ingredients and cooking methods affect the outcomes. We believe that this is important as having a greater understanding of Food science makes us better chefs. Through the disciplines of Graphics, Textiles and Product Design we design and manufacture a range of products that incorporate emerging technologies. We believe that is important as it exposes our pupils to cutting edge technologies and processes that will be used in the future. This starts to prepare students for vocations and passions that might not even exist yet in the ever changing world of technology. This gives them a better understanding of careers and opportunities after studying at Millthorpe School.  

What do students learn in Year 10?

We are extremely proud of the range of Design & Technology subjects offered at KS4. Pupils can opt for Engineering, Food Preparation & Nutrition, Graphics, 3D Design and / or Textiles. This offers the opportunity to truly focus on the areas of design that pupils can excel in. Taught by specialist staff, pupils build on skills and knowledge learnt in KS3 and start developing coursework as specified by the examination board. We believe that this structure gives pupils the time, experience and confidence they need to succeed as they move into Year 11.

What do students learn in Year 11? 

In Year 11, pupils focus on completing their design coursework for the examination. In most of our Design & Technology subjects this consists of a final product accompanied by coursework portfolios that evidence design ideas, development and processes used. We have chosen courses and specifications which we feel prepare our pupils for further education, apprenticeships and employment within the local area.

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge organisers for students in Key Stage 4 at Millthorpe School can be found here. All the key facts and essential knowledge you’ll need, right at your fingertips!

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